Dragon Ball Super 12 Universe Tournament Details.

Ever since the announcement of a 12 universe tournament, fans have been licking their chops in anticipation for this historical event. We are going to get to see so many different fighters, with so many different abilities. Not to mention we’ll get to see some of our old favorites have featured roles.

The Z team that we all know and love will be representing universe 7. Intstead of the teams being made up of 5 fighters like it was in the universe 6 and 7 tournament, in this tournament teams will consist of 10 warriors. The team representing universe 7 will be Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, Majin Bu, Tien, Krillen, Android 17, Android 18, and good old Master Roshi.

Some fans are going to hate the idea of Krillen, Tien, and Master Roshi being members of this team because they are considered weak in today’s standards. But Goku and Vegeta being the only featured fighters in the series is the most common complaint fans have.

Personally seeing Gohan and Majin Bu in featured roles is what I’m most excited about. I’m also excited to see what 17 been up to all this time. 

With such a wide verity of ways the writers could go with this there is no telling what could happened, but one thing is for sure IT’S GOING TO BE EXCITING!

Here is a major spoiler. If you don’t want to see it go back now! This tournament is not just for fun. Spoiler Alert! Go back now if you don’t want to see the high steaks. Last warning.

The title for this tournament is “12 universe survival tournament.” The title leaves me to believe unlike the last tournament where killing wasn’t allowed, in this one there will be fights to the death. But wait there’s more! You might be saying to yourself death is meaningless in the dragon ball universe. That maybe so, but this tournament is taking it a step further. The rules to this tournament is when all 10 fighters of a universe lose, Xeno will destroy the universe that team was representing. Which pretty much confirms these will be fights to the death.

What do you think about this tournament? Have any predictions? Feel free to drop a comment and let me know what you think!


Goku is Dead! DBS ep 71 recap.

SPOILER ALERT!!! This is your first and last warning, so if you don’t want a spoiler click off of this article now.

For those of you who are still here, welcome to this article. Today I will be giving a detailed outlook on Dragon Ball Super episode 71. So with out further ado, let’s get started.

The episode starts out with Goku standing in the yard meditating. Chi-Chi yells for him to come in and eat, and this is where you start to realize something is up. Goku is eating very properly (which is very odd for him). He’s taking one bite at a time and he’s still meditating, Chi-Chi and Goten are looking at him very strangely. The door bell rings and Goku is there in his fighting stance in the blink of an eye scaring the mail-man half to death.

Later Chi-Chi sends Goku to town to pick up some groceries. Gohan and Goten follow him because they know something is wrong with their dad. Goku walks through town with his eyes closed, and eventually he becomes paranoid. He looks under cars and in sewer yelling “are you here?”. He keeps on walking and Bulma  crashes her car into him. She gets out screaming at him and even throws a punch, while Gohan and Goten are watching. Goku dodges the strike and this alerts all them that some time, as Goku never dodges a strike from Bulma.

Later in the afternoon and the sun is about to set Gohan is having Goku and the rest of the family at his place for dinner. At dinner Goku is surrounded by his friends and family and he’s finally eating his food like Goku again.

After dinner Goku is sitting on the swing set relaxing when he is approached by Gohan and Goten. They ask him if they can ask him a question, and Goku replies “is it about why you two were tailing me in town all day?”. Goten and Gohan are surprised Goku knew the two were following them. They ask him why he’s been acting paranoid all day.

Goku asks them if I tell you this you have to promise not to tell Chi-Chi, and the two agree. All it shows Goku say is “he’s coming for my life”

It then shows Hit from the universe 6 & 7 tournament on some random planet. He’s walking in the rain, and he goes up to this mansion. He uses his time skip technique to bypass all the guards. He gets to the main guy and takes him out.

He goes back outside and pulls a computer chip out of his pocket. He asks the chip “who is my next target” and a picture of Goku comes out of the chip. Hit crushes the chip and smiles.

It then goes back to Goku and the others. Goku is sitting under a tree relaxing, while Gohan and Piccalo are cleaning up. Piccalo asks Gohan what’s going on with Goku and Gohan is a little reluctant at first, but gives in.

Gohan tells Piccalo someone named Hit is coming to kill Goku and Piccalo is shocked at this news. About that time they hear Goku fly off. Gohan, Goten, and Piccalo follow him.

Goku lands in this mountain area and goes super saiyan blue. Hit appears behind Goku and tells him he is there to kill him. Hit offers Goku the opportunity to lay low and he will tell who ever hired him the job is done, but we all know Goku wasn’t having none of that.

Goku tells Hit he won’t make the job easy for him, but Hit replies he will end it with a single strike to the chest. Goku throws some punches and kicks at Hit, but they go right through him as if he was a ghost. Goku jumps back and Hit says here it comes. This surprises Goku as he’s out of Hit’s reach. Hit throws the punch and a purple beam goes through Goku’s chest. Goku’s chest dents in and his pupils go blank as he hits the ground.

Hit then says he will return to pay his respects at Goku’s funeral and disappears. Gohan, Goten, and Piccalo then arrive at Goku’s side. Gohan checks his pulse and pronounces him dead. Piccalo is speechless, Gohan is in shock, and Goten is crying.

One thing I personally took from this episode is Hit has grown much much stronger than since the last time we seen him. I also feel like other characters are about to get a chance to shine, as Vegeta was training with Whis the whole time. 

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